Monday, July 28, 2008

Pink Tiled 50's Bathroom Mini-Makeover

A horrifying thought hit me this weekend as I breathed paint fumes and wiped drips off the pink tile in the bathroom. I thought to myself, "People may be expecting a much bigger makeover than I actually intended to do."


I never intended to do much more than change the shower curtain and paint the walls... so you've been properly warned. Anyone dreaming of pedestal sinks and re-purposed bead board walls and crystal chandeliers (incidentally, my dream) should pause here and go no further.

OK, you remember this inspiration pic. Many of you had varying opinions on it.. which I appreciated.

Then, this past week I was perusing my giant, overstuffed notebook of decorating pages and found this. Matt groans every time I pull this notebook out... it basically means money is on the verge of being spent.

I adore this bathroom. I believe it came out of a Mary Engelbreit magazine, but for the life of me I cant remember which one. Granted, my bathroom doesn't have these fun cabinets, or the fabulous art-deco boarder tile, but I decided to take the plunge with yellow anyway.

I bought a can of Lemon Sorbet (Valspar) and went to work. For someone that used to be wary of the color yellow, I'm totally sold on this one. It's so frustrating taking pictures because it never shows the color exactly. In reality, this yellow is actually much softer, a little more butter-cream than it's showing in the pictures. I really wasn't sure how it would look with the pink tile, but it's so cheerful and bright now. I've never been happier to paint over white walls.. which is beyond strange for me.

And there you have it. Not a huge change, but one that I'm really pleased with. You see, my dear sweet husband begged me not to buy that original jungle'ish shower curtain (which is incidentally from Anthropologie if anyone is interested). And bless his heart, he rarely has an opinion that he shares with tears in his eyes.

So, instead, I cut up a vintage tablecloth with a similar color scheme and made them into these curtains (please ignore the grout... grout paint is next on my list). I kept the original white shower curtain, which actually makes the bathroom feel much bigger than anything with a pattern.

Then, after countless hours of hunting a bathmat with pizzazz (there aren't any in retail stores, by the way), I simply moved this mat out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. I think it works for now... I was still going for a Mary Engelbreit feel. It will work until I order that super fun one from Anthropologie. And after I find $50 laying around on a curb somewhere.

I added some vintage planters not in use on this weird little shelf. I've really never quite figured out what that was for.

This towel rack stays for now, although it's not my favorite. I'm on the hunt for something a little more vintage, but you know how that goes. Having your heart set on something vintage usually entails six months worth of searching. SO... I keep telling myself that until then... this one is free.

So that's the extent of this bathroom mini-makeover, probably more than you ever wanted to see or know. I really cant believe it's taken almost a year to do this, especially since getting ready in the mornings is so much more enjoyable. You wouldn't think a little yellow paint and a few re-purposed things we already owned would make such a difference, but they really do. It's a swimmingly wonderful sensation to enjoy your surroundings while flat ironing your hair or picking your toenails. You know what I'm talking about.