Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spooky Birds in Honor of Stephanie

It has begun. I couldn't wait until October 1st. So this past weekend the spray paint came out, the decorations made their way out of the attic and Hocus Pocus played loudly in the background. It was heaven. Spooky heaven.

As I surveyed my decorations, I decided to be a little more discriminating about what I used. When you have a living/dining room, it's easy to over-do it. Basically, I just didn't want the house to look like Halloween 'threw up' in it.

As you might have noticed, I have a link on my sidebar for donations for the Nielson family. I've been a 'lurker' on Stephanie's blog for the last year and have always found her family and style so inspiring. She and her husband were burned in a plane crash and have four young children. It's a great opportunity to give to a very worthy cause.

I've always been super inspired by Stephanie's last Halloween post. She spray painted branches and birds black and decorated her mantle with them. But since my mantle resides in the man-room, a place I promised my husband would be his and his alone, I had to make some adjustments. So, I made a bird tree instead. I spray painted two little birds, used a crow I already had, a can of black spray paint from my stash and pulled a few limbs off trees in the backyard, leaving a few straggly leaves on to be spray painted as well. Super cheap and fun.

So thanks for the inspiration Stephanie. We're all praying for you and your husband here at Mabel's House.