Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Angela (Mrs. Fox) lost her battle with cancer this past weekend.

In the middle of crying yesterday, I realized how truly annoyed she would have been with me. Angela had no time for sobbing and crybaby episodes. She would have raised one eyebrow, given me a stern look and stated in a no-nonsense voice, “Stop this. Get up. Go write something.”
And so, I am.

I look forward with great expectation to seeing her again. Unlike some people, I don’t have a ‘nailed down’ version of what I think heaven is like. I don’t see clouds and harps or golden gates. I just see the inexplicable joy of being reunited with the people I love, the overwhelming happiness of seeing the face of God, the Great Creator that I’m spending my life serving through faith alone.
I hope that Angela is ensconced at a beautiful writing desk, happily free of the human body that betrayed her. I hope she’s writing her next great novel. I hope she gets to meet my grandfathers, I'm certain they’ll find her charming.

And I hope that all the horrendous suffering of the past two years are but a dim and unimportant memory for her. If you're not familiar with her blog, please read what she wrote about having cancer here.
I hope that this bitter acid in my chest can one day be replaced with only the beauty of her memory, that one day her precious husband and family will know what it is to be happy again. Because that is, above all, what she would have wanted. That, and the no-crybaby thing.

I love you, Angela. Rest in peace my good and true friend, I will see you again.