Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Table, Pine Cones Galore

The table is set. The candles are lit. The pies are ready. The whole house smells like turkey and Mabel's eyes are unnaturally wide as she paces in front of the stove like a caged panther. All in all, things are going well.

I'll be honest. I had some seriously grand table plans this year. New china, new linens, huge ornate center piece. So what happened? I'm not sure. Maybe a little bit of Matt's laid back cool rubbed off on me, because I found myself shrugging and using what I already had.

And as far as that ornate centerpiece goes, I decided it was better for people to talk to each other across the table than peer around a sky scraper made of pears and pine cones. Although, the pear/pine cone sky scraper would have been pretty.

I FORGOT to put the place cards on the table before I started snapping, wouldn't you know it. But they're here and ready to go. I ended up using a 1960's Danish style tablecloth, a few branches pulled from a tree outside as a centerpiece, pine cones from our neighbors yard, and some simple candles. It might not be as impressive as my original plans, but it was so much easier.
We're also getting to use Matt's grandmother's silver for the first time. I'm pretty excited about that. Plus, I had no choice because we mysteriously only have 6 forks in our everyday silverware. But Mabel and Matt have NO idea how that happened.

And last night when I should have been doing something constructive, I opted to glue some burlap around these little candle holders and watch Harry Potter. No one can say I don't have my priorities in order.

So this is it. Our simple Thanksgiving table. No china, no goblets, no sculpted centerpieces. Just tree branches, tea lights and pine cones galore.
Happy Thanksgiving lovely ladies. See you on the flip side.