Friday, November 4, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

You can contact me at mabelsblog(at)yahoo(dot)com.

What kind of dog is Mabel?

She's a schnauzer/miniature pincher. But as far as we can tell, she's pretty much all schnauzer in appearance and personality. She's a mess.

Why are your comments turned off?

You can read about that decision here.

Who is your literary agent/How did you get published?

Her name is Laurie Abkemeier and she is awesome. She only represents nonfiction, and she's how I got published. I can't say enough good things about being represented by a literary agent. Research agents by searching on

I'm going to Eureka Springs and you've posted about it a lot. What are your must see things?

As far as food goes: Ermilio's and Rogues Manor are fantastic, and you cannot beat Mud Street Cafe for desserts and breakfast. As far as hotels go, there are lots of places to stay. The Travelodge is super cheap and clean. The historic hotels are fantastic, and my two favorites are the Basin Hotel and the Crescent Hotel (which is basically a haunted castle on top of a mountain). There are also Bed and Breakfasts,(Arsenic and Old Lace is cool). The entire downtown is a fabulous shopping area and the atmosphere is fantastic. It's a truly magical town.

What church do you attend?

Matt and I were both raised in the Church of Christ, but we consider ourselves nondenominational. We believe that God loves everyone and it is the predominant message that Jesus preached. If you have any questions or comments I'd love to chat, so feel free to email me.

Why did you wait so long to have kids?

They scared the phooey out of us.

What is migraine-related vertigo? What were your symptoms of postpartum depression?
Migraine related vertigo is basically a migraine variant. Which means that some people (me) get vertigo instead of the pain. I'm currently on beta blockers to control it and it's working beautifully. This all began two months after I gave birth to Jane and occurred at the same time I was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression. I had serious physical symptoms for that too. But I recovered and am great! For more of the scoop, feel free to email me. Also? Don't read about illnesses on message boards. It's usually only the crazies.

Where do you shop for vintage finds in the Little Rock area?

Hidden Treasures in Sherwood, Fantastic Finds (on Cantrell Rd), Blue Suede Shoes in Benton, and Sweet Home (on Kavanaugh).

How can I submit a guest post?

Just send me an email (mabelsblog(at)yahoo(dot)com) and we'll chat!