Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mabel Is Loved, But She Wishes We Would All Just Go Away And Leave Her Alone. Forever.

Jane's favorite thing to do is hug Mabel.
And she doesn't just hug, she coos "Awwww" while she does it.

As you can imagine, Mabel hates her life right now.
It was bad enough when Jane was crawling, but these days it's worse.
She follows Mabel everywhere,
trying to hug her,
and Jane's Frankenstein-meets-E.T. gait does nothing
to ease the paralyzing fear in Mabel's heart.

I also wanted to share this picture, 
because this is the face Matt makes when he's over the moon about Jane. 
It's his "I'm so happy to be this little girl's Daddy" face.
I love him so much.

Mabel, on the other hand, wishes she were loved a lot less.
I wonder if she'll ever accept Jane.
She's perfectly willing to take food from Jane's hand,
but return the favor with a hug?
Not on your life.