Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 was great. We ate too much, we slept too much (yes, I found out there is such a thing), and laughed too much. But the best part was watching Jane enjoy herself.

She discovered her great (and obsessive) love for tractors. No, seriously. When we tried to get her off of this so her cousins could take a turn sitting in the seat, she lost her mind.

Jane made the six hour car ride both ways like a champ, napping a lot.

And somehow coexisting with Mabel in a very small space without anyone getting bit or losing an eye. Those of you with small children and animals will understand this fete.

She discovered her love of turkey, and enchiladas. Not on the same day of course.

And it goes without saying that she loved being at Granny and Pop Pop's house. Every morning she woke up smiling, saying, "Pop Pop? Pop Pop?" He was by far her favorite person and I realized I was old news on the second day when she pushed me away mid-hug and said, "No, get down."

I started out the Thanksgiving week here, in bed, coughing my lungs out. But thankfully I live in a time blessed with modern medicine and antibiotics. Seriously. When I think about living in a past age, some idyllic Jane Austen'ish setting with pastoral views from an English manor house, fires crackling in the bedroom fireplaces, lace curtains, beautiful china patterns, I remember that I would have probably been poor and died of consumption. So yeah... hip hip hooray for 2012.

Jane also discovered her love of small tables and tea sets with plastic cupcakes. 
Granny sure knows how to throw a toddler party.
Looks like Santa knows what to bring this year. 
That, and a new house. 
The roof situation worked out and it looks like we'll be moving before Christmas!