Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The House

So, the house is happening. I'm still not clear on the closing date because the roof has to be replaced prior to closing. Anyone else ever deal with that? Navigating the deep icy streams of real estate is not fun. It's like I dressed in a bathing suit (a horror in and of itself) when I should have been wearing a parka and waders. 

I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed that we get in within the next couple of weeks, and until then I'm in house-planning heaven, which is an exercise in futility since we now have no money to do said decorating because it's all going into the house. But white paint does wonders, right?

We did make one concession and bought this light fixture. It was on super sale several days ago (not now but if you go to the online coupons you'll find one for 20% off and free shipping).

There is old carpet. And rooms that will be empty with no furniture to go in them. But there's space. And a garage. And a gorgeous yard I'm afraid I'll kill eventually. But the thing I'm most excited about? The master bedroom has a dressing room. It's pretty utilitarian, and not necessarily pretty, but still. I'm swooning.

I know I'm breaking the rules talking about the house like it's ours before closing. But, if the deal falls through, I'm going to be pretty much devastated. I'll probably roam around like Catherine's ghost in Wuthering Heights. I'll be wailing a lot... probably to you... so you may as well know the scoop.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, OK?