Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Is Winter An Old Man?

I've never understood the expression, "Old Man Winter."
Why is he an old man?
I prefer to think of winter as a prankster.

"Oh, you like fall and those cute scarves you don't really need?
Let's see you wake up to 30 degree temps and see if you still feel like wearing 
that impractical-but-cute fall coat you bought in September."

We woke up to frigid, gusting wind. 
But I still love it.
The air is bright and catches my breath,
and the leaves all over the ground are beautiful.

I dropped Jane off at my best friend's house today.
Carrie is Jane's non-genetic Aunt,
and also future mother-in-law.
We've decided that her son, Jacob, and Jane will marry someday.
But in order to accomplish this we'll just tell them they can never date each other.
If parents forbid it, it will happen.
That's our motto.