Monday, December 3, 2012


Well, folks, I found some paint color inspiration. And no, I'm not going to make our entire house look like candy sprinkles. But it did give me some inspiration.

My sister (Rachel) and I sat in a frozen yogurt shop for over two hours going through paint colors. She happens to be a decorating advisor for Sherwin Williams, so I was in good hands. She was talking about things like cost and sheen and flow... and I was all, "Hey, you want some more white chocolate mousse?"

I'm stoked about these colors. Matt, not so much. But he usually hates all my ideas and later on agrees that it looks good and he was wrong. OK, maybe he doesn't say "I was wrong" but he feels it. OK, maybe he doesn't feel it, but he's sweet and lets me do what I want.

And for all you nervous gals, that red is going to be doled out in cautious increments. Nobody faint.

This is the most fabulous place in the world to do color planning.
I highly recommend it.
Also good news?
Jerusalem has agreed to be my Julia Sugarbaker.
Merry Christmas indeed!