Monday, December 10, 2012


*Hey guys. I seriously need to sell this Anthropologie bedding. It's way marked down here. Check it out!

As many of you know, I've been pining for a cuckoo clock for a while.
A long, long, long, while.
I've also wanted a painted cuckoo clock.
And to buy one of those you have to be a billionaire.
Another kink in the rug?
Cuckoo clocks are super duper expensive.
And just not the kind of thing you want to whip out
a can of spray paint for.
And then it dawned on me:
"I bet there are junker cuckoo clocks on ebay."

It turns out there are.
They have missing parts,
and mostly don't work,
but they're there and I don't feel bad painting those.
So yesterday I bought my Christmas present from Matt.
A $20 junker cuckoo that is destined for a coat of paint.
It works, but it's missing the weights at the bottom.
That's fine by me, Jane would just rip them down anyway.
I can't wait!