Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rainy. Quiet. Sad.

My Uncle Trent entered into hospice yesterday.

It rained all day, and it's raining again today. It's gray, quiet and sad... which seems appropriate.

He calls me Izzy.

All through college he would cook for me, slip me 20 dollar bills and say things like, "You call me if you need a ride or some food. Anything."

When it came time to adopt so many years ago, he and Aunt Beverly asked for daughters. His motto was, "Girls are better."

He and Dad taught my cousins and me to ride our bikes and swim.

When our moms were out of town they tried their best to fix our hair, taking us to church with crooked, tangled, off center pony tails.

He loves Christmas, and family, and parties, and grilling hamburgers.

He plays the guitar.

He took my cousins and me to Graceland years ago and told us that when he was a boy he saw Elvis changing a flat tire in downtown Memphis.

My Uncle Trent needs your prayers. My Aunt Beverly and his daughters need your prayers. Take a moment on this gray, rainy day and think of all of us.

He is a wonderful man, and he is loved.