Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reasons to Love January and February

January and February aren't necessarily seasonal favorites. Christmas is over, and it's cold, the days are short, and everybody is a little bit blue. So last night I decided to brain storm special things about January and February, and surprisingly, it was a long list.

So here we go. Reasons to love January and February:

1. Cleaning house
2. Fresh flowers (especially bulb flowers)

4. Candles that smell like oranges and soap
5. An excuse to decorate with pink for Valentine's Day

6. Doris Day movie marathons
7. French music

8. Tights, skirts, and boots
9. Long walks on cold sunny days

10. Decorating ideas for spring
11. Organized closets

12. Cheerful tablecloths
13. Snow days
14. Cookies

And last but certainly not least... drum roll please...

15. Downton Abbey!

Now go forth and enjoy this season. It gets a bum wrap, don't you think?