Monday, January 7, 2013


We're finally settling into our new house, a new routine. It almost feels like a whole new life. After the great Snowmageddon of 2012 we had a sweet few days of vacation in the new house. We painted. We played with Jane. We visited the local bakery and ate wonderful things (that's a lavender macaroon above).

We stopped eating fast food and started eating at home again. Our new year's resolution is to eat healthier, and it helps that Matt loves his new kitchen.

Jane is enjoying all the space. I can keep track of her when she's not with me because as she runs from room to room she squeals and giggles at the grand adventure of it all. Anytime she's by herself you can hear her giggling, so tickled at her own Independence.

Our new neighborhood threw a party and we got to meet lots of sweet neighbors. Truthfully, I didn't know neighborhoods were like this, so social and friendly and "here's my number, call me anytime." I can almost hear the Leave It To Beaver theme song when I drive down our street.

I'm slowly but surely decorating. It's going to take a while, and I keep telling myself to take it slow. When I do things quickly I usually don't like it and have to redo it later. Jane's Christmas presents are also helping with the whole "decor" issue. I think the Weasley china cabinet is feeling a bit threatened.

I bought some hydrangeas at Kroger the other day. 
After Christmas is always kind of sad and drab, 
a perfect time for flowers and a fresh start to cheer up a house.

So that's us. 
Adjusting and getting back to reality.
I hope your Monday is great!