Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Seven Things

1. I still think Def Leopard's slow songs are super romantic. A close second is Firehouse. Go ahead, pummel me with teased and ratted wigs and eyeliner.

2. Yesterday I can only assume that an airline pilot was eating walnuts, got a bad one, threw it out the window, and it fell thousands of feet to crack into the windshield of my car at high velocity. Big crack happening. Also, I got a couple of white hairs from the sheer terror of driving along, whistling my 80's hair band tunes, and being struck out of nowhere by a mystery object right in my line of sight.

3. Jane is teething. Which makes her grumpy. She also wears flannel pajamas to bed, rolls around under the blankets, gathers as much static electricity as possible, and then stands at the rails, crying, hair standing straight up just like Einstein, waiting to shock me into an awakened state at 2 in the morning.

4. I didn't watch "the game" last night. I watched Love It Or List It and Bunheads.

5. Every bit of trim in our new house is beige oil paint. Oye.

6. I get sad when Christmas is over, but not this year. Mostly because Kroger had hyacinth's, 3 for $10.

7. I started exercising again, which gives me sore muscles. I haven't had sore muscles in at least two years. For some reason I feel the need to tell everyone, much like Jane feels the need to tell me every time she blows her nose, flailing her Kleenex in my face and squealing, "Good girl!" Except I'm pretty sure my sore muscles aren't nearly as endearing and people really want me to stop talking about it.

So that's all. Happy Tuesday.