Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Entry Hall. Wha?

All my life I've wanted an entry hall. And now I have one. And I'm at a total loss.

Well, actually, I'm not at a total loss. I'm just broke, which tends to make one a lot more confused than normal. Here's how it goes down.

I dump the change from my purse onto the floor, and yell upstairs at Matt, "I've saved sixteen dollars in quarters? Do you have an change you can give me?"

Matt, "I've got two dollars in dimes."

I rub my hands together greedily  "I'll take it! Now. I've got eighteen dollars. I need an entry table. And a rug. Maybe a lamp. Yeah. This isn't going to happen."

But then I remember that houses aren't decorated over night. Or even in a month.

I've always fantasized about living in a house that looked put together over a decade. Inherited furniture, funky light fixtures, stairs that creak and overgrown rosemary by the back door. You know those houses. The Victorian house in Practical Magic. Meg Ryan's apartment in You've Got Mail. The beach house in Dan In Real Life. Those places were designed to look like people lived there, and had for a long time. They weren't designed with the latest trends, the latest crazy tile work or furniture.

So I'll just hold onto my eighteen dollars. The right decorations will come with time. Maybe from a vacation. Or some one's attic. And that's way better than an instant decor fix from Target.

Now, if someone will just remind me of that tomorrow. :)