Friday, March 13, 2015

Perhaps The Most Awesome Weekend Ever. Ever.

New Day

We had to find Jane a new daycare. Too many bites and face injuries. Their solution?

"When she starts biting back it will stop."

Um. No. I threw myself a holy mother of a fit. Now we couldn't go back there if we wanted.

But good riddance.

So it's been a rocky week, complete with a doctor visit and shots this morning. Here's hoping that things start looking up tomorrow. We toured her new daycare, which is very big and impressive, and she clung to my neck , so intimidated.

My mommy-heart is hurting folks.


... November. We're so happy to see you!

She Walks!

Just a mere 19 months later she decides it's safe to walk without holding my hand. I give credit to the new daycare. It's much easier to be brave in a safe place. No physical therapy!

Tiny Office Christmas Tree, You'll Do.

The Little Light Of My Life

It's strangely warm and rainy here. I went out in the mugginess and found an old tole chandelier for a steal. Although, it needs new wires and paint, so when it's all said and done it might not be such a steal after all.

Jane has entered a whole new sphere. She's talking constantly, and I can actually catch most of it. She mimics everything. We noticed her trying to fold clothes out of the dryer, carefully tucking them under her chin and then wadding them up and throwing them on the ground. We've got some work to do.

The other day she got mad at me and pinched my leg. She's not a baby anymore, except late at night when I'm rocking her and she only wants me and no one else. There's still little glimmers of babydom.

She's the light of my life.

Home Sweet Home

It was touch and go at times, but we're here. We're finally moved in and home. I feel like this house said "Welcome Liz" when I walked through the door. And not in a creepy Overlook Hotel way. More like a house in a John Hughes movie way.

I'm going to go sit, stare at the wall and smile the smile of a woman who never thought she could love a home this much. Happy weekend to you all!